Release Pack Project

CITYPAKS are custom designed with the needs of the homeless in mind – they are large and made from a durable ballistic nylon that allows them to withstand the elements. They have anti-theft webbing loops, multiple compartments, and an integrated rain poncho. 

The CITYPAK is a way to help those in need succeed. This secure, durable, waterproof backpack is provided upon release. Packs contain toiletries, undergarments, shower shoes, and a padlock.

Benefits –

  • Immediate availability to basic survival items for a smooth transition.
  • Reduce the stress of homelessness by keeping belongings dry and safe.
Thanks to our friends at Citypak,we are now able to offer our clients a secure, durable, waterproof backpack upon their release.
These backpacks have a rain poncho included!
Included are essential items needed to facilitate their transition into shelter living. These include typical grooming aids; as well as socks, paper, pen, and envelopes, so our clients can begin rebuilding relationships with family members; and a padlock, for security.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation of to help make one of these Release Packs available to our clients!