Fund A Phone Program

An activated “smartphone” is provided to each returning citizen with BRN covering up to the first six (6) months of service. During this period, the client is encouraged to sign-up with other programs that will help continue to cover the $30 monthly service bill.

Benefits –

  • Maintain crucial contact with their support network and family
  • Setup appointments for housing, job interviews, counseling and probation
  • Navigate an unfamiliar city

As a rule, Boston Release Network will provide its clients with the initial phone and cell service for up to six months, during which time clients are encouraged to utilize one of the many programs we work with that will allow them to earn money to continue their phone service. Many of our clients have repaid BRN for this service, which we encourage when they become financially stable.

Your tax-deductible donation of $240 will make a phone available to one of our clients upon release; and cell service for six months.