For Case Managers


Services listed below will be provided for up to six months from the date of release.

On the day of release:

  • Pick-up the person being released from the facility and transport them to Boston.
  • Contact the proper registry officer and set up an appointment for the person to register with the SORB.
  • Transport the person to the proper probation department to be fitted with a GPS unit, if required.
  • Coordinate with your property officer to set an acceptable time and date to pick-up the person’s property.
  • Assist with setting-up a bank account, if necessary.
  • Facilitate entry to the shelter.
  • Introduce them to their support team.

The following days:

  • Help them activate their MassHealth.
  • Set up medical appointments.
  • Help them apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Help them apply for additional benefits they may be eligible for.
  • Develop a realistic release plan in order to better facilitate their reintegration to the community.


To request the services of BRN, the Release Questionnaire must be completed and submitted to BRN. Acceptance is at the discretion of BRN. Please use either of the questionnaire formats provided below.