The Baystate Reentry Network (BRN), formally known as the Boston Release Network, is a dedicated group of volunteers helping re-emerging citizens reintegrate into the population after their incarceration.  Our programs offer help ensure that these individuals can maintain their commitments within and to the legal system and navigate programs to assist their transition back into society.

Many people who have been incarcerated have had a challenging experience locating assistance in finding the correct path to becoming law-abiding citizens.  BRN is dedicated to assisting these individuals in opening the doors to their successful integration back into the community.

Since 2012, BRN has been dedicated to successfully reintegrating released persons into the community.

Our goal:

To give our clients the support and the tools necessary for a meaningful transition.

BRN is an essential resource to re-emerging citizens providing valuable information on housing, employment, government assistance programs, and how to comply with statutory mandates of their probation and registration laws.

We have found that once individuals are released and given appropriate guidance and resources, they can find success and regain a role in society.  BRN has enjoyed extraordinary success in that less than 2% of the more than 200 people we have assisted since our founding have been charged with a new offense.  This is no accident, as statistics have shown that recidivism is reduced when there is a hands-on approach and peer support offered to individuals.  BRN has provided services that have been key to successful transitions that give people hope for an improved future and life.